shep stefan

Shepherd really is too young to have to deal with zombies.


Edison, Ellis, Eliza, Shepherd, Stefan, Sofia, and Hiro

3 months: Peps class 3 months

8 months: Peps class 8 months

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A day at the beach

shepherd beach

“This seaweed could use some pruning.  It also looks like it should be put in my mouth.”

Beep beep, coming through

“Damn Seattle Sunday drivers.”
Just don’t get a ticket Shepherd cause you’ll be embarrassed when the officer sees that you aren’t wearing any pants.

Can I interest you in a rug?

I’ve got a fine selection of colors and softness to suit individual needs.  Feel the textures and let your inner-interior decorator emerge.  On my left, we have the yak wool prayer rug from Tibet, and on my right, a fine tapis vert.


Tashi dog does his tricks

Sometimes the audience is more fun to watch than the performer.